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About Our Company > History

With a trading history spanning nearly a decade, edlets.com is the one of the worlds largest suppliers of Edinburgh short term rental accommodation.

Edlets.com connects people who have a space to rent in Edinburgh with those who are looking for somewhere to stay.
We started in 2000 with only a few apartments and rooms. Today, we list one of the largest collections of Edinburgh accommodation in the world.
Edlets.com lists thousands of unique spaces throughout the city, including rooms in private houses, bed and breakfasts and hotels, entire apartments, townhouses and mansions.
It's free to list on Edlets.com, and many hosts list spaces that cannot be found on any other website.
This means guests can often find great deals and live in interesting places that allow them to live like a local and have a different experience to that of a typical tourist.
Hosts are able to rent out all sorts of spaces to suit all budgets and types of traveller.
Guests and Hosts can correspond through the Edlets system and bookings can be made online,
team are based in Edinburgh and are all locals themselves. They are all carefully chosen for their local knowledge and great personalities.
The team can be contacted by phone or email at any time, they work round the clock to match accommodation to guests needs and are always available should guests have any questions or need help during their stay.
We look forward to listing your space or helping you to find a space.

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