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Edinburgh Apartments: Blair House

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  • About the location of Blair House (Old Town, Edinburgh)

    These apartments are located in The Old Town, Edinburgh city centre.

    This is the ideal location for visiting Edinburgh's historic city centre and Edinburgh Castle.

    You will be right in the heart of the heart of Edinburgh's beautiful medieval World Heritage Site made up of narrow alleyways and squares leading off the Royal Mile to other nearby attractions such as Holyrood Abbey, Tron Kirk and St Giles Cathedral.

    The Old Town is exceptionally picturesque; Edinburgh Castle perches on the top of castle rock the remnants of an old volcano. From the top you can view the Old City that is built on top of numerous underground passageways and vaults, which can be explored today. Other notable buildings that contribute to Edinburgh's impressive skyline are The Scottish Parliament Building, the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the General Assembly Hall of the Church of Scotland, the Royal Museum of Scotland, Surgeons' Hall, and the University of Edinburgh.

    Edinburgh's Old Town is truly magical and inspirational place. You need to be in the heart of it to experience it.

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