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Berwickshire Apartments: Carriage Mews

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  • About the location of Carriage Mews (Duns, Berwickshire)

    Carriage Mews is nestled in the Square adjacent to Duns Castle and within close proximity to both Duns Castle Estate's private grounds, frequented by Swans, Ducks and other wildfowl, and Duns Law, site of the old town of Duns and the Covenanter Fort. Today, cattle and sheep are often to be seen grazing upon its slopes. The property also sits on the edge of woodland, with access to extensive forest trails and a large variety of mature trees, many bearing identification plates to inspire the curious. The woods are home to Roe Deer, Pheasants, Squirrels and Owls. The cottage itself is easily accessible and integral to the Castle infrastructure and guests can often enjoy starlit nights and bathe in the tranquillity of it all.

    Sir Walter Scott is one of the Scottish Borders' most famous champions. His poetic descriptions of the local landscape, lifestyle and community are still true to this day. There is so much to explore in the local area, it is certain to appeal to ramblers, nature lovers, golfers and lovers of History alike.

    The nearby town of Duns is surprisingly well-appointed for its size and the local population will be more than happy to make you and your family feel welcome.

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