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Sunday, 23 November, 2014  

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Rooms to Rent

1 Murrayfield Rooms

1 Twin Murrayfield Room

20 Grange Loan

20 Grange Loan Room 2

20/7 Calder View

31/13 Sinclair Place

4 Bedrooms

Airy Double Bedroom

Bellevue Double Room

Bellevue Room

Blackford Room

Bonnington Room

Bright Attic Room

Bright Attic Room 2

Bruntsfield Avenue A

Bruntsfield Avenue B

Bruntsfield Room

Chester Street Room

City Centre Let

City Centre Townhouse

Comely Bank Room


Dbl Room Henderson St

Dble Room Summerside St

Double Bedroom

Double Bedroom En Suite

Double Bedroom in Leith

Double bedroom Leith

Dundonald Room

Durham Double Bedrooms

Ellangowan Room

Elm Row Room

Festival Room

Festival Room Available

Glendinning Room

Grange House Rooms

Large City Centre Room

Large Dbl Room

Lovely Central Rooms

Lovely Leith 1 Bed

Luxury City Centre Room

Mariner's Cottage

Meadowbank Patio Apt

Modern glass fronted flat

Modern Holiday Room

Montgomery St Dbl Grnd

Musselburgh Room

Napier Rooms

New Town Room 1

New Town Room 2

Newington 4 Bed

Newington Room Only

Peffer Bank Room

Rennies Isle The Shore

Rooms in Central Apt

Rooms in Central Flat

Rooms near ERI

Rosebery Townhouse

Sciennes Road

Scotland Street Room

Single Murrayfield Room

St John's Room

Stylish Bedroom

Superior room Granton

The Strada Rooms

Theatrical Landlady

Warrender Park Rooms

Willowbrae Double Room


1 2 Bd Apt Castle View

1 2Bd Central Tranquil

1 2Book Central Meadows

1 Bd Apt Browns Close

1 Bd Apt Clock Mill

1 Bd Apt Rose St Lane

1 Bd Beautiful Apt

1 Bd Boutique Apt

1 Bd Castle Terrace

1 Bd Edmonstones Close

1 Bd Lovely West End

1 Bd Lux Murrayfield Apt

1 Bd Luxury City Apt

1 Bd Luxury Flat Leith

1 Bd Luxury New Town Apt

1 Bd New Town Apt

1 Bd Pleasance

1 Bd Quartermile Apt

1 Bd sleeps 4 Leith

1 Bd Sunny Royal Mile

1 Bd Trinity Sea Views

1 Bdrm large apartment

1 Bed Apt Easter Road

1 Bed Apt Free Parking

1 Bed Apt Greenside

1 Bed Apt Main Door

1 Bed Apt Royal Mile

1 Bed Apt Stockbridge

1 Bed Bellevue Flat

1 Bed Blair St Apt

1 Bed Central Lux Apt

1 Bed Dundonald St

1 Bed Flat Greenside

1 Bed Flat New Town

1 Bed Gorgie Road

1 Bed Grassmarket

1 Bed High Spec Flat

1 bed Leith

1 Bed Lux Apt & Parking

1 Bed Modern Apt Leith

1 Bed Moray Park

1 bed Roseburn Street

1 Bed Royal Mile

1 Bed St Leonards

1 Bed Stafford Street

1 Bedroom Apt

1 Bedroom Castle Views

1 Bedroom Garden Flat

1 Bedroom on Edina Place

1 Boat Green

1 Boutique Apartment

1 Castle Apartment

1 Central Luxury Apartment

1 Clifton Terrace

1 Dbl Bed Westend Apart

1 Dean Village Apt

1 Hillside Crescent

1 Leith Apartment

1 Lochinvar Waterfront Apartment

1 Lux Easter Rd Duplex

1 Modern Central Apartment

1 Morningside Apartment

1 Parliament Square

1 Pitt Street Apartment

1 Salmond Place

1 The Stockbridge Apt

1/13 Viewcraig Street

1/2 Sunbury Place

1/3 - Level Cottage

1/3 City Centre Apartment

10/3 Waverley Park

100 (3F1) South Clerk Street

103 Preston Avenue

104 East Claremont St

106 (2F1) Gilmore Place

107 High Street

11 Broomhill Drive

11 Dean Park Street

11 Royal Mansions

11/6 Salisbury Road

117 Dalry Road

12/1 Carlton Street

12/3F2 Rossie Place

129 Rose Street

13 Old Fishmarket Close

13 Parkside Street

13/1 Frederick Street

13/1 Lynedoch Place

13/4 St Leonards Lane

138/2 Newhaven Road

14 (3F1) Lauriston Gardens

14 Montague Street

14 Warrender Park Rd

14/4 Sandport Way

142 Easter Road Apt 4

142 Easter Road Apt 5

142 Easter Road Apt 7

145 Bruntsfield Place

15 Bedford Street

152 Bruntsfield Place

153/4 Easter Road

16 Bed Princes Apartment

16 Dryden Gardens

16 Hillcoat Loan

164 Dalkeith Road

17 Great Junction Street

17 Old Fishmarket Close

17 Union Place

18 Dalkeith Road

18 Livingstone Place

19 Warrender Park Cres

1Bd Apt Piershill Ter

1BD City Apt Parking

1Bd Polwarth

1bd Roof top apt Leith

2 Bath 2 Bed Large Apt

2 Bd Abbeyhill Apt

2 Bd Abbeyhill Crescent

2 Bd Abbeyhill Sleeps 5

2 Bd Apt Albany New Town

2 Bd Apt Historic Town

2 Bd Apt in Private Dev

2 Bd Apt Old Town

2 Bd Apt Royal Mile

2 Bd Apt Sciennes Rd

2 Bd Apt Shore Leith

2 Bd Beautiful Cottage

2 Bd City Apartment

2 Bd City Home

2 Bd Easter Hermitage

2 Bd Flat Castle Views

2 Bd Holyrood Apt Parking

2 bd Leith Shore

2 Bd Modern Central Apt

2 Bd New Town Mezz Apt

2 bed 2 bath Albion Apt

2 Bed Apt at The Shore

2 Bed Apt Corstorphine

2 Bed Apt Drummond St

2 Bed Apt in Liberton

2 Bed Apt The Chandlery

2 Bed Apt with Parking

2 Bed Bellevue

2 Bed Brunswick Road

2 Bed By The Shore

2 Bed Castle View

2 Bed Church Apt

2 Bed City Centre

2 Bed Clearburn Gardens

2 Bed Colonies Apt

2 Bed Comely Bank Apt

2 Bed Dundas St

2 Bed Easter Rd

2 bed Fountainbridge

2 Bed Garden Flat

2 Bed Gorgie Road

2 Bed Grange Flat

2 Bed Hillside Street

2 Bed Hopetoun Street

2 Bed Iona Street Apt

2 Bed Lawnmarket

2 Bed Leith apartment

2 Bed Livingstone Pl

2 Bed Mcdonald Rd

2 Bed Meadowbank Apt

2 Bed Old Town Apartment

2 Bed on Royal Mile

2 Bed Riverside Apt

2 Bed Warehouse Apt

2 Bed Westfield Road

2 Bedroom Apt Gorgie Rd

2 Bedroom Central Apt

2 Bedroom Duplex

2 Bedroom Grnd Flat

2 Bedroom Lovely Apt

2 Bedroom Meggetland apt

2 Bedroom Modern Apt

2 Bedroom Newington Apt

2 Bedroom Pirrie St

2 Bedroom Royal Mile

2 Bedrooms Sleeps 7

2 Boyds Entry

2 Chester St

2 Dbl Bdrm Central Apt

2 Dbl Bed Apartment

2 Dbl Bed Grassmarket Flat

2 Dbl Bed Moira Terrace

2 Dble Bed Luxury Apt

2 Double Bed Aprt with Garage

2 Double Room Flat

2 Glanville Place

2 Morrison Circus

2 West Norton Place

2/1 Calder Crescent

2/3 Old Tolbooth Wynd

2/6 Hopetoun Crescent

20 Caledonian Road

20 York Place

21 Cordiner's Land

21 Marchmont Road

21/4 Broughton Street

21/6 Blair Street

21/7 Broughton Street

213 South Gyle Wynd

21a Broughton Place

22/6 South Gray Street

227 High Street

23 Abbeyhill Crescent

23 Scotland Street

23A George Square

24 Royal Mansions

24/2 Burgess Street

245 Dalkeith Road

26 Royal Mile Mansions

26 The Park

27 (3F2) St Patricks Square

27 Carlyle Place

27 Coates Gardens

27A Windsor St

28 Wellington Street

29 Jeffrey Street

29 Lauriston Street

29/3 Mayfield Gardens

2BD City apt parking

2bed 2bath Albion G Apt

3 Bd Bright Apt Leith

3 Bd Central Sunny Apt

3 Bd Hillside Apt

3 Bd Luxury apt

3 Bed Arden Street

3 Bed Argyle Park Terrace

3 Bed Barony Street

3 Bed Bruntsfield Apt

3 Bed City Centre Flat

3 Bed Clerk Street

3 Bed Festival Let

3 Bed Flat Central

3 Bed Flat Dalkeith Road

3 Bed Flat in Haymarket

3 Bed Flat Marchmont

3 Bed Grindlay St Apt

3 Bed Grove Street

3 Bed Haddington Place

3 Bed Hopetoun Street

3 Bed Hopetoun Village

3 bed house Leith Links

3 Bed Lauderdale St

3 Bed Lovely Townhouse

3 Bed Luxury Apartment

3 Bed Luxury Polwarth

3 Bed Marchmont Apt

3 Bed Marchmont Road

3 Bed Morningside Apt

3 Bed Morningside Flat

3 Bed New Town Mews

3 Bed Roseneath Place

3 Bed St James Square

3 Bed Thirlestane Road

3 Bed Warrender Pk Rd

3 Bed Water Street

3 Bedroom Brunswick St

3 Bedroom Central Apt

3 bedroom flat

3 Bedroom Luxury Flat

3 Bedroom Manor Place

3 Bedroom Meadows Apt A

3 Bedroom Meadows Apt B

3 Bedroom Polwarth

3 Bedroom Sunny House

3 Bedroom York Place

3 Beds Shandon Apt

3 Dbl Bed Dalkeith Rd

3 Double Bed Comely Bank

3 Winton Place

3/8 Whyte Place

30 Chambers Street

30/1 Shore Road

31 Cumberland Street

32 East Preston Street

33 Guthrie Street

33 Regent Terrace

33B Gayfield Square

34 Craighouse Gardens

34 North Castle Street

34/2 North Castle St

34/5 Bryson Rd

35-1 Lower London Road

37 (a) South Clerk St

37 (b) South Clerk St

37 Warrender Park Road

38/4 Orwell Terrace

39 (1F1) Pitt Street

39/3F1 Marchmont Road

39/7 Rankeillor Street

3Bd Home

4 Bd East Norton Place

4 Bd Luxury Apartment

4 Bd Platinum Point

4 Bed Abbeyhill Colony

4 Bed City Cent Apt

4 Bed City Centre

4 Bed Flat Morningside

4 Bed Hampton Terrace

4 Bed London Street

4 Bed Marchmont Apt

4 Bed Marchmont Road

4 Bed Murieston Road

4 Bed Parkside Terrace

4 Bed Polwarth Apt

4 Bed South Clerk Street

4 Bed Spacious House

4 Bed Spottiswoode Rd

4 Bed Superb Location

4 Bed Thirlestane Road

4 Bed Tollcross

4 Bed Town House

4 Bed Warrender Pk Rd

4 Bedroom Apartments

4 Bedroom central

4 Bedroom House

4 Bedroom Quartermile

4 Bedroom Townhouse

4 Bedroom Upmarket City Flat

4 Person Apt

4 Salmond Place

4/1 Dalry Gait

4/3 Robertson Gait

4/7 Cowgatehead

40 Henderson Row

40 Spottiswoode Rd

40 St Marys St

40/5 Annandale Street

406/5 Easter Road

44 (1F1) Rankin Drive

49A North Castle St

5 Bed Blenheim

5 Bed Brunton Place

5 Bed City Centre Flat

5 Bed East Bungalow

5 Bed Elm Row

5 Bed Forrest Road

5 Bed Grove Street

5 Bed in Marchmont

5 Bed Leith Walk

5 Bed New Town Apartment

5 Bed Nr Bruntsfield

5 Bed Polwarth

5 Bed Queensferry Road

5 Bed Scotland Street

5 Bed Thirlestane Road

5 Bed Union Street

5 Bed Warrender Cres

5 Bed Warrender Pk Rd

5 Bedroom Apartment

5 Bedroom Hillside

5 Bedroom Howe Street

5 Bedroom Meadows Apt

5 Randolph Place

5 The Moorings

5 Torphichen Street

5 Wellington Place

5/2 Hopetoun Crescent

5/24 Drummond House

5/3 Clifton Terrace

5/3 Hopetoun Crescent

5/38 Drummond St

5/4 Torphichen Street

505 Lawnmarket

51 Morningside Road

51/1 James Square

51/11 James Square

51/15 James Square

51/16 James Square

51/18 James Square

51/25 James Square

51/29 James Square

51/3 James Square

51/30 James Square

51/31 James Square

55 South Clerk St

56 Great King Street

59 Rose Street - 1 bed

59 Thistle Street

6 Bed Frederick Street

6 Bed Gilmore Apt

6 bed New Town Apt

6 Bed Nr Meadows

6 Bed Warrender Park

6 Bedroom Apartments

6 Bedroom East Craigs

6 Bedroom Morningside

6 Bedroom Townhouse

6 Marchmont Road

6 Wellington Street

6/1 Papermill Wynd

6/2 Papermill Wynd

6/3 Old Tolbooth Wynd

6/4 Papermill Wynd

618 Websters Land

63/10 Bonnington Road

7 (3f1) Marchmont Street

7 (4f1) Marchmont Street

7 Grange Road

7/6 Comely Bank Terrace

71 Canongate

72 South Gyle Wynd

73 Brunswick St Apt 7

8 Breadalbane Terrace

8 Dumbiedykes Road

80/4 South Clerk St

82 Bruntsfield Place

84/7 McDonald Road

86 Cornhill Terrace

87 (3F2) Warrender Park Road

87 (4f1) Warrender Park Road

9 Gardners Crescent

9 Hart Street

9 The Royal Mile

9 White Horse Close

90A East Cross Causeway

91/1 Ferry Road

99 Shandwick Place

9A Northumberland St

A Beautiful Town House

A Garden Apartment

Aaron Glen Apartments

Abbeyhill Apartment

Advocates Close 2 Bed

Affordable 5 Bedrooms

Alba Apartment

Albany Lane Apartment

Allanfield Apartment

Amazing Festival Apt

An Evening by the Fire

Annandale Penthouse

Annfield Flat

Apartment Brandon

Apartment by Holyrood

Apartment First

Apartment on Cumberland

Apt 39 Lothian House

Arden Street 3 Bed

Ardmillan Sleeps 5

Arthur's Seat Apartment

Arthur's Seat Apt 2

Arthur's Seat Retreat

Artists Flat

Beautiful 1 Bed Apt

Beautiful 2 Bed Home

Bellevue 2 Bedroom

Bellevue 3 Bedroom

Bellevue 5 Bedroom

Bellevue Sleeps 6

Blackford Lodge

Blackfriars apartment

Blackie House Apt2

Blair House

Blair Street 13/3

Blenheim Student Let

Bonnington Road

Borthwicks Close Apt

Botanics Studio Apt

Bothwell 1 Bedroom

Brandon Family Home

Brandon Studio Apt

Bridge Street Apt

Bruntsfield Apartment

Buccleuch 1 Bed

Buchanan Court Apartment

Budget Apartment sleep 3

Budget Festival Accomm

Caledonian Townhouse

Calton 2 Bed Parking

Calton Apartments

Calton Hill

Cambridge St Apartment

Cameron Park 5 Bed

Canal 5 Bed Apt 1

Canal 5 Bed Apt 2

Canal 5 Bed Apt 3

Canal 5 Bed Apt 4

Canal 5 Bed Apt 5

Canal 5 Bed Apt 6

Canal 7 Bed Apt 1

Canal 7 Bed Apt 2

Canongate 3 Bedroom

Canongate Self Catering

Canonmills 4 Bedrooms

Canonmills 5 Bedrooms

Canonmills 6 Bedrooms

Canonmills Studios

Capital View Apartments

Carlops Apt 1

Carlops Apt 2

Carlton Apartment

Carrick Knowe Villa

Castle Apt Sleeps 4

Castle Cityscape Apt 1

Castle Cityscape Apt 2

Castle Courtyard Apt

Castle Mews 1

Castle Terrace Apt A

Castle Terrace Garden Apt

Castle View Apartment

Castle View Suites

Castle Views Apartment

Causewayside Apartment

Central Apartment

Central Apt 4 Bedrooms

Central Apt Sleeps 15

Central Festival Flat

Central Festival Let

Central Flat St Leonards

Central Garden Flat

Central Mews House

Chambers Street Luxury

Charlotte Square

Charlotte Street

Charming 1 Bedroom Apt

Charming Garden Apt

Charming Newhaven Apt

Chic Stockbridge Apt

City Apartment

City Beach Location

City centre Loft apt

City Centre Sleeps 15

City Centre St Leonards Street

City Centre West Crosscauseway

City Houseboat

Claremont 5 Bedrooms

Claremont Townhouse

Clarendon Crescent

Clearburn 2 Bedrooms

Coates Gardens 3 Bed

Cockburn St Apartment

Cosy Bonnington Apt

Craigmillar Park Apt

Craigmillar Park House

Craigmillar Park Lodge

Craigwell Apartment

Craigwell Cottage

Cranston Street

Crighton 5 Bedroom

Cumberland St Apartment

Cumberland St Lane Apt

Cumberland Street 55

Dalkeith Road Apartment

Dalry Gait - Balvenie

Dalry Gait - Dalwhinnie

Dalry Gait - Jura

Dalry Gait - Macallan

Dalry Gait - Talisker

Dalry Gait Apt 41

Dalry Gait Apt 42

Dalry Gait Apt 53

Dalry Gait Apt 6

Dalry Gait Apt 81

Dalry Gait Apt 82

Dalry Gait Apt 83

Dalry Gait Apt 98

Dalry Road 1 Bedroom

Darnaway Apartment

Davidsons Mains Apt

Dean Park Mews

Dean Village Apt

Dickson Street Apt

Drummond 2 Bed

Drummond Place

Drummond Place 2 Bed

Drummond Street Apt 1

Drummond Street Apt 13

Drummond Street Apt 15

Drummond Street Apt 6

Drummond Street Apt 8

Drumsheugh Garden Apt

Dublin Street Studio

Dundonald 2 Bedrooms

Earl Grey Court

Earl Grey St Penthouse

East Mayfield 3 bed

Easter Rd Sunny 1 bd

Edinburgh Apt Sleeps 5

Edinburgh Castle 3 bedroom

Edinburgh Castle Snug

Edinburgh Central Apts

Edinburgh holiday let Brunstane

Edinburgh James Square 39

Edinburgh James Square 51

Edinburgh James Square 55

Edinburgh New Town Apt

Edinburgh Playhouse Apts

Edinburgh Village

Edinburgh Waterfront Apts

Edmonstones Close 2/1

EH2 2 Bedroom Apt

EH7 Apartments

EH7 Townhouse

Elegant Stockbridge Apt

Elegant Townhouse

Ellangowan Terrace

Elm House Edinburgh

Elm Row 3 Beds

Elvingston Apartment

Epicurean Clerk

Eyre AptCityCentral

Eyre Place Apartment

Fab Royal Mile 1 Bed

Farm House Cottage

Farmhouse Cottage

Featherhall Garden Court Apts

Festival 3 Bed

Festival Bryson Road

Festival Let

Festival Let 2 Bedroom

Festival let in Leith

Fettes Row Apartment

Fishmarket Close Duplex

Flat in Leith

Fleshmarket Close

Fountainbridge Apartment

Frederick Street Duplex

Fresh Leith 2 Bedroom

Garden and Patio Apt

Garden Festival Flat

Garden Flat

Garden Flat Newington

Garden Level Studio

Gayfield Sq Studio

Gayfield Square Apt

Gayfield Studio

George Square Apartment

Georgian Townhouse 4 bed

Gillespie 4 Bedroom

Gilmerton Lodge

Gilmerton Studio

Gilmore Apt sleeps 8

Gilmore Townhouse

Glendinning House


Gloucester Lane Apartment

Gorgeous 2 Bed Apt

Gorgeous Gilmore Apt

Gorgie 1 Bed Apt

Grandfield Apartment

Grange Loan Apartment

Grassmarket 2 Bed

Grassmarket 4 Bedroom

Grassmarket Apartment 1

Grassmarket Apartment 4

Grassmarket Apartment 5

Grassmarket Apt 1

Grassmarket Apt 2

Grassmarket Apt 3

Grays Loan

Great King St Apartment

Great Stuart Street

Greenhill Townhouse

Greyfriar's Attic

Grove Street 5 Bedroom

Hart St Georgian Apt

Haymarket 10 Beds

Haymarket 16 Beds

Haymarket Apartment 1

Haymarket Apartment 2

Haymarket Family Apt

Haymarket Garden Apt

Heriot Row

Hermand Street Apt

High Riggs

Hillside Apartment

Hillside Flat

Hillside Sleeps 4

Hillside Sleeps 6

Hillside Street Apt

Holiday Let 3 Bed Apt

Holyrood apartment

Holyrood Park Apt

Holyrood Sleeps 6

Hope Park Terrace

House by the Royal Mile

House To Rent

Huntingdon Holiday Let

Huntingdon Place Apt

India St Apartment

Inverleith 1 Bedroom

Iona Street

Jamaica Mews Apartment

Jamaica Mews Studio

James Square Apts

Johnston 2 Bedroom

King Stables Road

Kirk Street Apartment

Ladysmith Villa

Large 1 bedroom flat

Large 2 bedroom flat

Large 3 Bed Flat

Large 3 Bedroom flat

Large 5 bedroom Flat

Large 6 Bed Apartment

Large Apartment 61

Large Central Apt

Large Claremont Duplex

Large Georgian Apartment

Large Hanover Street Apt

Large Haymarket Apt

Large London Road Apt

Lasswade Luxury Apt

Lauderdale 3 Bedroom

Lauriston Apartment

Lauriston Street 1 Bed

Lawnmarket 2 Bedroom

Lawnmarket Sleeps 4

Learmonth Avenue

Learmonth Court Apt

Learmonth Gardens Apt

Learmonth Sleeps 14

Leith Apt Sleeps 10

Leith Apt Sleeps 14

Leith Links 2 Bed

Leopold 2 Bedrooms

Liberton Bungalow

Liberton Flat

Liberton House

Lochend Apartment

Lochrin Luxury Apt 202

Lochrin Luxury Apt 204

Lochrin Luxury Apt 228

Lochrin Luxury Apt 242

Lochrin Luxury Apt 249

Lochrin Place Apt 374

London Street Apartment

Lothian Luxury Lodge

Lothian Road 20 Beds

Lovely 1Bd Abbeyhill

Lovely 2 bedroom flat

Lovely Advocates Apt 1

Lovely Advocates Apt 2

Lovely Broughton Apt

Lovely Farmhouse Wing

Lovely flat near Castle

Lovely modern flat

Lovely New Town Rental

Lovely Polwarth Apt

Lovely Royal Mile Apt

Lovely West End 1 Bd

Lower Villa in Leith

Lustrous Leith Apt

Luxurious Townhouse

Luxury Apartments

Luxury City Apartment

Luxury Executive Apt

Luxury Executive Apt 2

Luxury Leith Links Apt

Luxury Q Mile Apartment

Luxury Royal Mile Flat

Luxury Suite

Maisonnette Flat

Marchmont Festival Let

Marchmont Ground Floor

Marchmont Road 4 Bed


Maritime Bond

McDonald Road Apt 7

Meadowbank duplex

Meadowbank Flat

Meadows Flat

Menzies flat

Millar Crescent

Milton Street 2 Bedroom

Modern 3 Bed Penthouse

Modern Apartment

Modern Haymarket Apt 4

Modern Haymarket Apt 5

Modern New Build Apartment

Montgomery 5 Bed

Montpelier Park Apt

Morningside 1 Bed

Morningside 3 Bed Apt

Morningside 3 Bedrooms

Morningside Road

Morrison St - 2 Bed apt

Murrayfield 2 Bedrooms

Musselburgh 2 Bed

My Gardners Crescent

My Gardners Crescent 2

My Haddington Place

Nelson St Apartment

New Luxury Executive Apts

New Tait Wynd Flat

New Town 2 Bed 2 Bath

New Town 5 Bedroom

New Town Sleeps 4

New Year in Edinburgh

Newcraighall 1 Bedroom

Newington 2 Bedroom

Newington 3 bedrooms

Newington 4 Bedroom

Newington Road 3 Bed

Newtown Garden Apt

Nicholson Street

Nicolson Apartment

North Bank Sleeps 9

North Berwick Apt 1

North Berwick Apt 2

North Castle St Apartment

North Castle Street

North Meggetland Apt

Northfield House

Northumberland Apartment

Northumberland Apt

Old Fishmarket 2 Beds

Old Town Sleeps 6

One Bed Flat

One Bed Quartermile

One Bedroom Apartment

One bedroom flat

Palmerston Garden Apt

Palmerston House

Parliament Apartment

Peffer Bank Apartment

Penthouse Flat

Picardy Place

Pilrig Artworks

Pilrig Heights Apts

Pinkhill Apartment

Playhouse 4 Bed

Polwarth Apartment

Portobello Apartment

Portobello Apt

Portobello Flat

Preston Apartment

Q-Mile Penthouse 1

Q-Mile Penthouse 2

QM 1 bed apartment

QM 1 bed apt discounted

QM 2 bed apartment

QM 2 bed apt discounted

QM Deluxe 1 bed apt

QM Deluxe 1 bed apt discounted

QM Deluxe 2 bed apt

QM Deluxe 2 bed apt discounted

Quality Flat With Garage

Quartermile 2 Bedrooms

Quartermile Luxury 1 Bed

Quartermile Penthouse

Queen St Apartment

Queen Street Apt A

Queen Street Apt B

Queen Street Duplex

Quiet Immaculate Apt

Quiet Royal Mile Apt

Ramsay Gardens Apartment

Rankin 2 Bedroom

Rattray Grove

Ravelston 3 Bedroom

Redmount House

Refurbished City Apt

Rodney Place 1 Bed

Rodney Street

Rose St Apartment

Rose St Apartment 120

Rose Street Apartment

Rose Street Lane 1

Rose Street Lane 7

Rosebery Studio 1

Rosebery Studio 2

Rosebery Studio 3

Rosebery Studio 4

Rosebery Studio 6

Rosemerry Apartment

Rossie Pl Garden Apt

Royal Crescent

Royal Crescent Apartment

Royal Mile 1 Apartment

Royal Mile 1 Bed Apt

Royal Mile 2 Bed

Royal Mile 2 Bedroom

Royal Mile 2 Bedrooms

Royal Mile 3 bed flat

Royal Mile Apartment

Royal Mile Apartment 1

Royal Mile Apartment 2

Royal Mile Apartment 3

Royal Mile Apt

Royal Mile Apts

Royal Mile Corner Apt

Royal Mile Mansion

Royal View Apartment

Sandport - The Shore

Sassy Stockbridge Apt

Saxe Coburg Festival Apartment

Sciennes 2 Bed

Sciennes Apartment

Scotland Street 2 Bed

Scottish Mansion House

Seafront Penthouse

Shore 2 Bed Apartment

Shore Leith

Simpson Loan Apartments

South Charlotte Street

Southside Apartments

Spacious 3 bed flat

Spacious Mardale Apt

Spacious Rural Cottage

Spey Terrace

Spottiswoode 3 Bedrooms

Spottiswoode Sleeps 6

Spottiswoode St Apartment

Spottiswoode Street 4 Bed

Springvalley Sleeps 4

Springwell Apartment

St Albans Apartments

St Bernards Apartment

St Giles Sleeps 5

St John's Apartment

St Mary St Apartment

St Stephen St Apartment

St Stephen St Flat

Stockbridge 1 bed Apt

Stockbridge 2 Bed Apt

Stockbridge 3 Bedroom

Stockbridge Apartment

Stockbridge Colony flat

Strathearn 4 Bed

Studio Flat The Meadows

Studio in Grassmarket

Stylish New Town Duplex

Sweet one bedroom flat

The Annexe

The Courtyard

The Drum Studio

The Dundonald Apartment

The Garden Apartment

The Garden Villa

The Mews

The Patio Apartment

The Penthouse

The Playhouse Residence

The Rosslyn Apartment

The Shore

The Shore - 1 bed flat

The Shore - 2 Bed apt

The Shore Leith

The Stables Apartment

The Stockbridge Apt

The Studio

The Townhouse Apartment

The Upper Villa

The Wee Haven

Thirlestane Road 3 Bed

Thistle Street

Thistle Street Apartment

Thistle Street Lodge

Thorntree St Apartment

Tollcross 2 Dbl Bed Apt

Traditional 1 Bed Gorgie Apt

Trinity Cottage

Turret Apartment

Two Bed Bellevue House

Two Bedroom Apartment

Upper Bow Apartment

Victoria Street Studio

Victoria Terrace Apt

Victorian Apartment

Viewcraig Gardens

Viewforth 3 Bedroom

Villa Sleeps 5

Walker Street Apartment

Warrender Pk Rd 5 Bed

Watertoun Road Apartment

Watson 1 Bedroom

Waverley Park 1 Bed

West Bow 2 Bedrooms

West City Studio 1

West City Studio 2

West City Studio 3

West City Studio 4

West City Studio 5

West City Studio 6

West City Studio 7

West City Studio 8

West City Studio 9

West City Studios

West End 1 Bed

West End Apartments

West End Apt Sleeps 21

West End Garden Apt

West End Snug

West End Walker St

West Preston 3 Beds

West Savile Villa

West Saville 2 Beds

Western Harbour 2 Bed

Where You Want To Be

White Cottage

Windsor Street Apt 2

York Place Apartments

Young St Apts

Edlets - Find and book accommodation in Edinburgh, Scotland

What we do
Edlets offer a variety of Edinburgh accommodation for short - long lets in Scotland's Capital City of Edinburgh. We have a large selection of Edinburgh apartments including self catering apartments and serviced apartments. We also offer Edinburgh bed and breakfasts, guest houses & hotels, we have accommodation to suit all tastes.

Edlets offer Edinburgh accommodation for all budgets so you can choose from a selection ranging from luxury central hotels and apartments to rooms for rent and lower cost accommodation. We have Edinburgh accommodation available all year round and are the main providers of Edinburgh Festival accommodation to performers and visitors.

Many of the Edinburgh Accommodation on this site is owned by private individuals so you will often find cheaper accommodation than you will find elsewhere. We also offer much better rates for longer lets.

Edlets have the largest database of accommodation in Edinburgh so you need look no further. Fill in a general enquiry by clicking the link below and you will then be sent a variety of Edinburgh accommodation offers and be able to book online. This allows you to compare prices of all our available accommodation. You can also search through our Edinburgh accommodation lists and send an enquiry direct to the property owners and managers to receive a quote and book online.

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Edlets Accommodation
Wherever you chose to stay in the Edinburgh you are never to far away from the city's main tourist attractions. We offer accommodation in a variety of locations including Self-Catering Apartments in Edinburgh's historic Old Town on the famous Royal Mile, Town house apartments & B&B's in the prestigious Georgian New town & West end, Guest houses in the city centre, modern minimal apartments in Leith & luxurious historic flat's on Calton Hill, All close to Edinburgh castle, Princes street and The Old town, the areas where the famous Edinburgh Festival & New Year Hogmany street and garden party are held. Some of our apartments, hotels & B&B's have fantastic views over Edinburgh Castle, perfect for watching the famous Hogmanay & Edinburgh festival fireworks. If you prefer to stay near the sea, we have beautiful B&B's with sea views in the Portobello district. We also have a luxurious B&B in a mansion in Prestonpans.

Edinburgh Holiday Lets
Edlets have a large selection of self catering apartments, hotels, B&B's, guest houses and rooms to suit all tastes and budgets perfect for your Edinburgh holiday. Just click on the headings of the accommodation list on the left hand side of this page to browse the range of accommodation on offer. We have Edinburgh accommodation to suit all visitors.

Edinburgh Festival Lets
The Edinburgh Festival is the largest festival in the world. During the month of August the Edinburgh Festival brings 2.6 million visitors to the city. As you can imagine accommodation is hard to find for both visitors and performers. are specialists in sourcing festival apartments and other Edinburgh accommodation for visitors to the city. Just give us a call or send an enquiry and we will aim to find you edinburgh accommodation that fits your requirements.

Accommodation for Large Groups
Edlets also specialise in sourcing apartments for large groups. We have groups of apartments within the same building including 1 building that is ideal group accommodation that can hold up to 108 people and others with leisure facilities such as saunas and swimming pools. We also have large apartments to sleep 16+ in Edinburgh city centre and a few large mansion houses. We are experienced in finding accommodation for wedding parties, theatre groups, stag and hen nights and large family get togethers.

Corporate Lets
Another area we deal in is corporate let. Edlets can find you accommodation while you work in the city. We have serviced apartments and accommodation with parking and broadband that are ideal for business use. We are the preferred suppliers for many large organisations.

Residential Lets
Edlets have a huge selection of Edinburgh apartments, houses and rooms that are available for longer let in Edinburgh. Many of the properties listed on Edlets are much cheaper than other agencies and only listed on If you need temporary accommodation in Edinburgh then please send us an enquiry. We often arrange in-between lets for students, also people who are moving to Edinburgh and need Edinburgh Accommodation for a longer period while they look for something more permanent. We also supply accommodation to many Edinburgh residents who need temporary residential accommodation for whatever reason.

Hogmanay Accommodation
If you are visiting Edinburgh to enjoy the Hogmanay Celebrations it's a good idea to book your accommodation early. Edlets have a huge selection of Edinburgh apartments and rooms located in the city centre and the surrounding areas that are perfect to stay in while celebrating New Year. If you are looking for cheap Edinburgh accommodation then Edlets is the best place to look, with over 2500 apartments listed you are bound to find something to suit. We also have luxury apartments so if you fancy sipping champagne in a hot tub while watching the magical fireworks over Edinburgh castle then take a look at some of our luxury Edinburgh apartments. If you are visiting with a group of friends we have a lot of large Edinburgh apartments and group accommodation ideal to stay in and enjoy the party.

Find and Book Things to do in Edinburgh.
There is a lot going on in Edinburgh and choosing and booking what you want to do while your here can be a daunting task. To make things easier for you Edlets have put together a range of quality things to do and places to visit during your stay.
Our experienced, Edinburgh based staff are well placed to help you find accommodation in the location you require. Some of our corporate clients include The Royal Bank of Scotland, BBC, Channel 4, The Bank of Scotland, The Big Dutchman, Crabtree & Evelyn, The Edinburgh Marthon, Tiger Aspect & many more. We are widely recommended in Edinburgh.

During your stay the Edlets team will be on hand to help you with whatever we can. Our office is located in Edinburgh City centre, and is open 6 days a week.

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We offer a very personal service, so if you email us with your requirements we will promptly get back to you with a few accommodation options & suggestions. We pride ourselves on our ability to always find something to suit, all the staff are Edinburgh locals and have a good knowledge of the city.

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