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Edinburgh Apartments: Canaan Luxury Apartment

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  • Edinburgh Apartments: Canaan Luxury Apartment

    Not just a place to sleep and store your luggage - you can relax, stay out late or come in early and soak in the atmosphere of the beautiful city. The only downside? You won't want to leave.

    Why our apartment?
    Whether you are staying with us for work, rest or play, we are sure you will enjoy our modern, light apartment in the heart of Morningside. Within close walking distance to all of Morningside's local cafes, restaurants and shops. Also within walking distance to Bruntsfield and the Royal Mile.

    We think of ourselves as seasoned travelers. That's why we've tried to ensure you have everything you need to make sure you have a wonderfully relaxing, trouble-free stay.


    Pictures of Canaan Luxury Apartment

    Living Room

    Living Room


    Kitchen Diner

    Master Bedroom




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