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Edinburgh short term accommodation for students looking for apartments and rooms.

Edlets provide low cost accommodation in Edinburgh that suitable for students looking for short tem apartments and rooms.
Edinburgh Students sometimes find themselves in-between flats or rooms and need accommodation for a few weeks or months until something more suitable comes up.
Students coming to Edinburgh for the first time sometimes find it difficult to find flats and rooms from afar and prefer to view accommodation in person also many Edinburgh letting agents won't let students secure flats until the students arrive and can sign the lease in person and prove they have a bank account in Scotland. Edlets can provide affordable apartment or rooms until the students find accommodation that suits them better in the long term.
Most Edinburgh letting agents only provide 6 month lets and this is not always suitable to Edinburgh students that are on a short term course, Edlets can provide a low cost alternative.
Many Edinburgh landlords are now choosing to let their flat out for short lets all year round due to the recent  Private Housing (Tenancies) (Scotland) Bill which will make it difficult for landlords who let out their flat to students during term time then advertise their flats through edlets for July and August to secure festival bookings in advance.
This new bill will mean that some tenants can decide to stay on in a flat if they wish to, this is great for tenants but it will make it difficult for landlords to confirm Edinburgh festival and summer bookings as they cant be certain if tenants will want to move out or not until they have given notice.
Edlets hosts sometimes go away on holiday for a few months and rent out their home when they are away, this can be perfect for students who only need accommodation for a month or 2.
Edlets has relationships with many long term letting agents and we can advise you where to look for your ideal longer term accommodation.

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