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Useful information for tourists and other visitors about The Edinburgh International Festival and The Fringe Festival

Edinburgh has something for everyone all year round, but every August, Scotland’s beautiful and historical capital is elevated to another level altogether as performers and visitors from every corner of the globe arrive for the Edinburgh International Festival (EIF) and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (The Fringe). 
The Fringe, originally an offshoot of the EIF, is now the largest arts festival in the world and has been the launching pad for many world famous acts, including the Monty Python team, Derek Jacobi, Flight of the Conchords and Steve Coogan.
Everyone should visit the Edinburgh International Festival and Fringe at least once, but you’ll find there’s so much going on at this spectacular event that a hundred lifetimes wouldn’t be enough to take it all in. From children’s shows to cabaret, spoken word to opera, and poetry to puppet shows, there’s something to suit every taste. And with plenty free shows on offer, there’s something for every budget too.
You’ll find a venue everywhere you turn during festival season in Edinburgh, whether it’s the grand, ornate, simple or surreal. Traditional Georgian buildings such as the Assembly Rooms host theatre, music, opera and dance whilst pubs, cars and even phone boxes also become performance platforms. A disused vault might become a venue for a stand up comedy show; an ancient church the host for a one-woman cabaret while a gothic puppet show entertains at a university lecture theatre. The beauty for the visitor is that you can double up by seeing the inside of historic buildings whilst being well and truly entertained.
Edinburgh is bubbling with energy and life during this special time. Street performers such as musicians, acrobats and fire-eaters dapple the bustling Royal Mile showcasing their talents for free, the sound of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo carries from Edinburgh Castle and the mouthwatering aroma of fresh food drifts across the warm summer air. These magical three weeks see the population of Edinburgh double, such is the attraction of this world famous event.
Come to the Edinburgh International Festival and Fringe to have your thoughts provoked, your funny bone tickled or expectations turned upside down. Come to be surprised, stimulated or see the stars of tomorrow set the spark of their career alight. But for whatever reason you choose to visit, it’s guaranteed it will be a holiday like no other. 

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